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Nothing beats a lovely smile. However, you cannot have a lovely smile if your teeth are stained. Teeth get naturally stained by some of the foods you eat. Brushing regularly keeps your teeth and gums healthy, but they do little in whitening teeth that are badly stained. If you want a smile that is whiter and brighter, the Smile Clinic of Coral Springs can help you achieve that.

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  • Where Do Teeth Stains Come From?

Teeth are hard material, but the material is porous. That means stains can stick to the surface and build up over time. Drinks such as coffee, tea, and wine are notorious for staining teeth. Tobacco stains teeth too. A light surface stain can be removed with a toothpaste that can whiten and polish. In fact, you can have that done by the dental hygienist after teeth cleaning. However, stains that are heavier will require professional cleaning and whitening.

  • What About At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits?

You have probably seen teeth whitening products in the drugstores. Some of these are from reputable manufacturers of oral care products. However, at-home kits are not for everyone. Many users report that they developed more sensitivity to their teeth and gums after they used the at-home system. Some reported the kits were too weak to make a difference on their teeth stains. Some people reported that they did not realize they had cavities because the at-home kits made their cavities hurt more.

So, even though at-home kits might seem less expensive on the outside, if they do not work well, or if you need to buy kits more often because the effects do not last, it is not a good investment of your money.

  • Teeth Whitening At the Dental Office

You get better results if you do teeth whitening at the dental office. Our dental experts can discuss your options with you to see if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. Our dentist will give you a comprehensive oral exam first to see if there are any underlying issues that will affect the whitening procedure. 

For example, if your front teeth have large fillings or crowns, you would not be a good candidate for teeth bleaching because the bleaching agent will whiten your natural teeth, but not the synthetic material on your front teeth. The restoration material is typically made from porcelain, ceramic, or composites. The whitening session will result in uneven whitening with your natural teeth looking whiter than the teeth that have the restoration material. If there is a risk of that happening, your dentist will let you know.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening

After your consultation with your dentist determines that you are good candidate for teeth whitening, you can go ahead with the procedure.

Your dentist will apply the whitening gel to your teeth. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide at a stronger strength than what you get from at-home kits. The whitening gel might be heated by a special lamp that can focus the heat on the gel for a length of time determined by your dentist. The heat makes the hydrogen peroxide work better by enabling it to penetrate the teeth and whitens stains that have been embedded on your teeth over the years.

The session lasts about 20 minutes, and it might take several sessions to whiten your teeth to the level desired. Between intervals, new gel is reapplied. Your dentist might also use a laser to accelerate the whitening process. Throughout the procedure, your mouth area such as your lips, gums, and tongue are protected by a barrier so the gel does not touch those surfaces. The procedure is very safe.

After the procedure, you will have teeth that are many shades whiter! Your gums might be sensitive, but that is normal. The sensitivity goes away within a day or two.

  • What Happens At Home?

The results of your whitening session can last many months depending on your habits like smoking or drinking coffee and wine. Over time, the stains do return based on your normal habits. Your dentist might recommend a professional-grade home whitening kit to help you maintain the whiteness. The kit includes a tray that is customized to fit your teeth and whitening gel that is less concentrated with bleaching agents than what the dentist used during your procedure. You apply the gel to the inside of the trays, then wear the trays on your teeth for several hours at a time or while you sleep.

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