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What are the different types of orthodontic appliances?

What are the different types of orthodontic appliances?

Orthodontic treatments have been transforming the smiles, aesthetics, and oral hygiene of people for several years now. Numerous appliances are used in these treatments. Fortunately, these orthodontic appliances can prove to be of great help if you are struggling with misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth. They boost up your self-esteem by improving your smile and the positioning of your teeth. They also help in treating overbites, malocclusions, and jaw issues.

Types of orthodontic appliances

Many people associate only braces with orthodontic appliances. But it’s simply not true. Orthodontia is a vast field that is composed of a wide variety of dental equipment and appliances to curate the proper treatment plan for the patient. Some of these appliances are fixed while others are removable. The former includes; orthodontic brackets, traditional metal braces, molar bands, and auxiliaries while the latter includes palatal finger springs, retractors, mouth guards, and dentures.

Both types have their own distinguished set of functions, properties, and advantages. Fixed appliances are usually used for fixing misaligned teeth, tooth excursions, and for improving the teeth. As the name suggests, they are fixed and cannot be easily removed by the patients.

Removable orthodontic appliances play an important role in correcting minor malocclusions and single tooth rotations. They are not attached to the teeth and the patient can easily wear or remove them according to the suggestions are prescribed by the dentist.

The following blog post deals with different types of orthodontic appliances, their characteristics, and their uses. Have a look:


Hyrax, also termed a Rapid Palatal Expander is a tooth-borne appliance. Its name originated from the usage of a special screw named the HYRAX.

Uses of HYRAX:

The most common use of Hyrax Expander is to create wider spaces in the maxillary (upper) jaw. When the maxillary jaw is too narrow or too crowded, this orthodontic expander is used to apply gradual outward pressure on the right and left halves of the maxillary arch. It is also used to support the mesial side of canines. The HYRAX mechanism is commonly used for providing rapid expansion and to create space for braces. It is classified into the category of fixed orthodontic appliances that are connected to two or four bands.

Anterior bite plane

Anterior bite plane is referred to as an orthodontic appliance that has no posterior occlusion, has a labial bow, and a 1.5-2mm bite plane. It is a modified version of Hawley’s removable orthodontic appliance.

Uses of anterior bite plane:

It is used in the treatment of deep bites and reduces the excessive overlapping of front teeth. It is recommended to wear this bite plane all the time for the best results.

Habit appliances (tongue spurs)

Tongue spurs are orthodontic appliances specially designed for people with bite problems and to modify the anterior tongue posture. These devices are placed in the places where the patient is thrusting his/her tongue. This, in turn, enables retraining the tongue without harming it.

Uses of tongue spurs

They reduce the perception of pain or discomfort during orthodontic treatments. Tongue spurs are beneficial for treating patients with bite problems.

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